Scuba Diving Accessories

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Buddy Line  

Stay Close

Stay safe.

$36 plus freight

Drop weight pocket.

Useful for descents,

then leave on a shot line

for controlled ascents.

Instructors and Dive Masters

can carry extra weight for

students, easy to access

and hand off to students.

$33 plus freight

Tank Banger or Dive Master Stick.
Stainless steel rod and split ring
with coloured hand lanyard.
Get your buddies attention easily.
$20 plus freight.
Surface Marker Buoy Cord, (SMB not included)
Non tangle nylon cord, 6m long for a controlled safety stop.
 A clip one end, a loop the other end. $26 plus freight.
Ankle Weights, Neoprene with side release clips.
500gms each, add more weight if needed.
$56 a pair plus postage.
Trim weight pockets, non dumpable. Each pocket holds up to 6LB.
 Slide onto tank band for better trim. $56 a pair plus freight.
Lanyards, Double ended  25mm bolt clips, 250 mm long. 
$28 plus freight.
25mm  Lanyards,with 25mm bolt clip, 150mm $10 or 250mm long $14 plus freight.
19mm Lanyard with Scissor clip, 150mm long $9 or 250mm long $12 plus freight.
 Fin Holder Strap. Free up your hands, useful when climbing stairs or rocks. $24 plus freight.
Double ended 19mm Lanyard with Scissor and Spring clips. 250mm long $24 


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